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We find that most cats are definite individuals. Some really enjoy people interaction and a really full and exciting holiday, whilst others prefer the quieter holiday with minimal fuss and there are others that are somewhere in between.

We change our care program to suit the individual cat and we prefer to discuss individual requirements.

We find as a general rule, it does not take long for cats to settle & feel comfortable. A pat, cuddle & scratch work wonders.

Before your cat comes into pet accommodation, think about your daily interaction with your cat. Do you have quiet time to cuddle & relax? Do they enjoy lots of scratches & stroking?

What about the playing chasey & going after that toy mouse? Our care program for your cat can include playtimes or cuddletimes, which replicate your time that you spend with your cat.

We have listed here some of our stories;

Phoenix is a very confident black cat. He came to us at an early age and has a few regular stays over the year just to ensure that he has us organised. Phoenix settles quickly, the first thing he does is check his food bowl and he loves his fully secure supervised walk around the cattery.

His first inspection is up on the garden chair to look out the north facing window to view the outside world to see if anything has changed, he then proceeds to checkout the rest of the cattery. He is very quick to remind us that when he goes back to his area, it is time for food!!!

We love that Phoenix feels at home with us.

Molly is a very quiet girl. When she first arrives she feels most comfortable in her Eskimo igloo and tends to keep to herself.

After discussion with Molly’ s owners about their concerns with Molly being away from them & away from her normal environment, we recommended a cuddletime session per day to help her to feel comfortable & to enjoy the company of her carer.

Molly now comes to us a very relaxed and happy cat. She remembers her carer & she now settles quickly and eats well.


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