It doesn’t seem that long ago that our own family was in a quandary as to what to do with our pet’s accommodation while we were away. Choosing a Melbourne Boarding Kennel proved to be quite difficult, trying to mix family care with adequate supervision, acceptable pet accommodation with a personal touch and knowledge and caring with safe facilities. Many of the Melbourne dog boarding kennels that we found were large pet accommodation facilities, so looking for a more personalized dog boarding kennel lead us to Kybrooke Pet Resort.

Set in the hills surrounding Melbourne, this dog boarding kennel is more than a place to give you pet accommodation, this is a truly unique home away from home for pets. What makes Kybrooke so special? Definitely our understanding of animals! Dogs come to our boarding kennels with a happy waggy tail and are happy to come back to us time and time again. Most of them wave goodbye with their tail as soon as they enter our pet accommodation office and lead us to their dog accommodation area. We know how to keep pets happy. Some dogs prefer the quiet life and are happy to relax with treats and plenty of pats, others are fun loving and have friends, plays and walks. Others require gentle understanding and cuddles. We have made some wonderful friends for life, just by using our knowledge of dogs and using it to make their stay at Kybrooke a lovely holiday experience that they want to do again.