What really does happen when you leave your dog at our dog boarding kennel accommodation? Our philosophy here at Kybrooke is that we want your dog to feel as comfortable here as they do at home. Your dog can enjoy all the activities they do at home here at our dog boarding kennel. All pet owners know what it takes to be a good pet owner, ie – walks, playtimes, cuddles, healthy diet and proper care to promote health & wellbeing. Your dog is housed in roomy and very clean pet accommodation. We ensure that your dog has a neighbour that they are compatible with.

Our daily routine is as follows for the purpose of this article, we have called the dog - Jack;

First thing in the morning Jacks’ pet accommodation is fully cleaned, disinfected and water changed. During this time, his carers, Maddi, Jayde or Jodie take him to a grassed exercise area to toilet, run, sniff, play etc. His carers will chat to him on the way to and from the exercise yard and take note of his general wellbeing. He then goes back into his dog accommodation to enjoy breakfast, a health check, a pat and cuddle.

When all the dogs are cared for, it is time to start the fun stuff! He is scheduled for daily playtimes, nature walks and treats. Maddi puts him on to an extend-a-lead and head out through the bush track for a 30 minute walk. This walk goes past our dam, through the bush and past the house. Very relaxing, stimulating and shady. After his outing, he is returned to his dog accommodation area for a drink and a rest. He is settled into his run with his treat – today a pig ears and he can chew this and rest until mid afternoon when it is time for his playtime.

Jack is very social and loves the company of other dogs. A few of his good mates, Rusty the Lab, Jaxson the Golden Retriever and Aston the Dalmatian all play nicely together and they are supervised by Maddi who is also available to give cuddles, throw a ball, play tug-o-war and rub tummies etc. After this fun time, we head back to the dog accommodation area for another rest. Before we know it, dinnertime is upon us and our healthy and delicious meals are served. Each meal is weighed and made up individually for each dog. Dogs are also weighed on a regular basis to ensure that the meals we are serving are correct. After dinner, those lovely girls take him back out to the exercise area so he can toilet, sniff, run & play before we then tuck him into bed, in his lovely accommodation.

This has been a busy, fun and stimulating day for Jack. He sleeps in his lovely accommodation, to reenergize for what the next day brings. In his dreams……..’will it be Maddi, Jayde, Jodie, Emily, Karen or Mark tomorrow……….what will my delicious treat be?…….will my best buddy Rusty still be here……..’ Pleasant dreams Jack.