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We see many different types of dog behaviours when they come to stay with us, most are what we would consider normal for dogs.

Here are some examples of typical behaviour we see and how we help these dogs feel at home.

We view all dogs as individuals and we welcome your enquiries and information about your dog. Please contact us.


Dogs are dogs so they do bark. We get some breeds that don’t bark at all. Dogs can bark for different reasons, they are unsure, there is something strange, when is it dinner time, I really need to see you now, what about me or maybe they are just talkative.

We find that dogs have different barks for different moods and we are very switched on when it comes to barks & different noises. We consider barking to be a normal behaviour and generally once your dog has settled in & comfortable with their run and their neighbour, then barking is minimal.

If we get a dog that barks excessively or quite obviously worried we will suggest a Playtime/cuddletime session or a walk to help them feel comfortable.

Not Eating

Sometimes when dogs are unsure, they are not comfortable eating at the start of their stay. This may be a behaviour that owners see at home.

We offer meals that are nutritious and palatable and we can leave meals overnight and often we find that dinner is finished during this time. We do get some dogs who have been hand fed or do like a particular diet.

If this is the case, we can discuss this together.

Not Dog Friendly

This can sometimes be the case if a dog has had a bad experience with another dog or maybe not socialised. Dogs are housed individually (family members can share accommodation) and go into the exercise area individually.

We will ensure that this dog will be in a quieter area with maybe no other dog beside them (this may not be possible during our peak times).

We are very experienced with dog behaviour and we will do what is best to make your dog comfortable and happy during their stay.


We find with anxiety that our familiarisation program works well. Playtimes, cuddletimes & walks also help dogs settle and feel at home and also feel comfortable with us.

We will always offer a positive environment and be very positive when handling dogs, which gives them good vibes. If you are concerned about anxiety, please talk to us.

People Aggressive

We will judge each case on it’s own merits before accepting people aggressive dogs.

Climbing, Jumping & Digging

These are all normal dog behaviours and all of our dog accommodation Melbourne areas are fully secure.

All run areas have a covered in top and all exercise areas have wire buried underground to deter any dogs from digging.

Please also refer to FAQ for more information on different issues.

We are always happy to discuss the requirements of your dog, so please give us call.


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