Familiarisation program

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Familiarisation Program

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If you are concerned that your dog will not cope away from home, there are a number of ways that we can assist with this. We have a very successful Familiarisation Program which we run over a few days to a few weeks depending on the requirements of your dog.

Start with an initial visit with you & your dog to Kybrooke of perhaps 1/2 hour which we make a positive experience. We keep this initial visit fairly low key so that your dog becomes accustomed to us and our property. We may just sit and talk, we may go for a walk.

During this visit we want the feeling of comfort & no pressure.  We are happy to repeat this step many times if we feel that is what your dog needs.

The next step, maybe a stay for a few hours without yourself where your dog has some one-on-one time with us that will further build their confidence & comfort with us in the new surroundings.

Our next step will be a night stay and by this time – depending on the dog, we should have a happy & confident dog who is comfortable with us.

The aim during the familiarisation program is to progress when the dog is comfortable.  We do not rush this process.  With some dogs it can take one meeting with others it may take a lot longer.

This also helps owners as you can see the first hand the progression of your dog to being comfortable.  When you take your dog home, if there are any issues, we discuss them. How your dog reacts to leaving us, behaviour at home & how they react to coming back tell us what they feel about their experiences.

Kybrooke’s familiarisation program has been used successfully for the last 9 years.  We have many dogs who have not felt comfortable elsewhere whom love coming to stay.  If at anytime during this process we feel that your dog will not settle well with us we will let you know immediately.


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