Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kybrooke, more than just a dog boarding kennels


I have never left my dog before – how will they cope?

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is - looking after other peoples animals is our job & we love our job! We are educated and experienced dog & animal people, who are very kind and understanding.

We go to great lengths to make friends with dogs and nothing pleases us more than to see every dog go home happy & then to see them come back for their next stay happy & excited.


Please refer to our Familiarisation Program

My dog does not like being in a kennel - how can you make him happy?

At Kybrooke, we offer more than just accommodation for pets, we like to make it fun and offer a safe, comfortable and secure home away from home. We have Playtimes, walks, heaps of treats & toys - being just some of the activities that your dog can join in.

We do get dogs that have been in other kennels and not enjoyed the experience, when they go home from Kybrooke, dogs are happy, settled and relaxed.

We have an elderly pet, will they be ok?

We like to assess each older pet individually. All pets can age in different ways and we will discuss with you extensively the physical and mental condition of each elderly pet.

Medication can be administered if need be. Most times older pets adjust really well @ Kybrooke and we have a special quieter area that most older pets enjoy.

My dog has separation anxiety

If you are concerned that your dog will not cope away from home, there are a number of ways that we can assist with this. We have a very successful Familiarisation Program which we run over a few days to a few weeks depending on the requirements of your dog.

We start with an initial visit with you & your dog to Kybrooke of perhaps 1/2 hour which we make a wonderfully positive experience. We keep this initial visit fairly low key so that your dog becomes accustomed to us and our property.

The next visit, maybe a stay for a few hours without yourself where your dog has some one-on-one time with us that will further build their confidence & comfort with us & the new surroundings. Our next step will be a night stay and by this time - depending on the dog, we should have a happy & confident dog who is comfortable with us. This also helps owners as you can see the first hand the progression of your dog to being comfortable.

The last thing we want is for you not to enjoy your holiday because you are worried about your dog & we don’t want to see your dog worried about being away from home.

How will I know if there are any problems with my pet while I am away?

We will take all your contact details and keep them on file. If there are any problems or if there is something we feel is not right, we will contact you.

If you are going to be non-contactable, we will obtain from you a local contact of friends or family. We also take your vet details. If any medical problem arises, your vet is our first point of contact as they will have your pets’ medical history. You are welcome to contact us & we will let you know how your pet is going.

We can also take your email address and keep in close contact via this means.

What are the vaccination requirements?

Dogs - minimum vaccination requirements are C5. This is an annual vaccination and must be kept up to date if you wish for your dog to stay with us. We recommend that you consult your vet prior to boarding your dog, to ensure your dog has the maximum coverage against kennel cough, which is an airborne virus similar to the human common cold.

Cats - minimum vaccination requirements - F3.

What types of food are offered to my pet?

Meals at Kybrooke are very high quality.

Dogs’ meals consist of Royal Canin and Black Hawk dry food and a locally produced fresh product made from human grade chicken, rice & vegetables with no preservatives.  This is a very palatable and healthy meal.  We do cater for special diets if need be and we are happy to discuss diet and nutrition with you.  Our main meal is generally in the morning.  If two meals are required we are happy to do this also.

Cats’ meals consist of Advance and Royal Canin dry food and a variety for tin & fresh meats.  If your cat has a preference, we can discuss this.

We also have a large variety of treats for both dogs & cats that can be given during their stay.

My dog spends most of the day with me, he especially loves our walks

There is no better way for a dog to settle than a little play or exercise.

Each dog staying with us has access to large grass exercise areas twice a day. In addition, we offer on-leash nature walks (on an extend-a-lead), off-leash playtime in our huge 25m x 35m

Playtime area and Kong Treats to enhance your pet’s stay. These activities give your pet a chance to run, relax and enjoy our lovely secure open space.

What is the best time to bring my pet in?

We always prefer pets to arrive earlier in the day rather than later. This enables your pet to settle into his/her new environment before spending his/her first night away from home

Do you give discount rates for long term boarding or if we have multiple pets?

Yes, we do! Our normal daily rate is based on stays up to 4 weeks. You will be offered a discount for stays for four weeks or more.

Multiple pets of 4 or more are also offered a discount, please contact us for details.

What if my pet is on medication?

We will administer your pets medication whilst he/she is staying with us, just as you would at home. However there is an extra charge for this depending on the type and reason for medication and you will need to discuss this when making a booking.

Are the premises attended after hours?

Yes. We live on the premises and there is always someone in attendance.

Who looks after the pets on your closed days?

We do! All your pet’s requirement will be met on the days we are closed just as any other day. These days are our “People Free Days”.

I have two or more dogs. Can they stay together?

Yes, our dog accommodation Melbourne is roomy enough for family members to share. As long as your dogs get along together, they may share the same accommodation.


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