Mission Statement

Pets go home in the same or better condition than when they came to us.

How does Kybrooke Pet Resort – Melbourne Dog Boarding Kennel Do This?

There are many factors involved in a dogs health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, that will ensure their ongoing happiness and health in a pet accommodation facility
These are as follows;

  • Safe environment – all pet accommodation areas and exercise areas are safe and contained. All areas within our pet accommodation facility are maintained and regularly upgraded for comfort.
  • Comfortable environment – all pet accommodation areas are protected from the elements, have comfortable beds, clean and provide clean fresh water. We also make sure that in our dog accommodation, each dog has a neighbour that they are friends with.
  • Fully trained staff – all our staff are fully trained in our dog boarding kennels. They have attention to detail and fully inspect and health check your dog twice a day. All our girls are dog and indeed animal lovers and thoroughly enjoy their work.
  • Policies and procedures – in our Melbourne boarding kennels we have strict policies and procedures that are enforced and checked regularly so that the highest quality care is given to each pet whilst in our Melbourne dog boarding kennel.
  • High Quality Meals & Food – All dogs boarding with us receive high quality meals. We do not believe in cheap brand products and our own dog family members receive the same meals as our guests.
  • Exercise and human interaction – The physical and mental wellbeing of dogs in accommodation, it is very important to ensure there is plenty of people interaction and exercise. Our dog activities – playtimes, nature walks, cuddletimes and treats ensure that your dog in accommodation receives the same care and attention than if they were at home with you.