Melbourne Bording Kennels - Kybrooke Pet Resort

Kybrooke, more than just a dog boarding kennels

Our meals at Kybrooke are very high quality.


Dog FoodDogs meals consist of premium quality dry food - Royal Canin, Black Hawk or Advance. We also offer a product made of human grade chicken, rice & veggies.  There are no preservatives & even the fussiest dogs enjoy this meal.

If your dog has a special diet, we are happy to discuss this with you. Alternatively, if you have your own food you would prefer your dog to be fed while with us, we are happy to do this also.

Our treats are mostly natural & preservative free. All bones, pigs ears, roo chews etc are all natural with no preservatives, no nasty chemicals and dehydrated over a number of hours. We have very high standards with regards to nutrition for dogs and hence we only offer the best.


Cat FoodOur cat food is also nutritious and offers a balanced diet. Our dry food product is Royal Canin and is offered twice a day. We also have a variety of fresh meats & tinned products if your cat prefers this. We will discuss your cat’s likes and dislikes with you so we can offer palatable and nutritious meals.

As with our menu for dogs, we have very high standards regarding nutrition for cats and hence we only offer the best.


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