Sometimes choosing the type of food for your dog is the same as what we need to feed our children. There is a lot of choice, different qualities, prices and everyone seems to have an opinion on what you should do for your dog.

At Kybrooke Pet Resort pet accommodation the choice for us has involved many hours of research, attending seminars and many different trials. Here is a summary of the meals your pet will received when in our Melbourne dog boarding kennel.

For dogs, we serve two different types of food. The first is a locally produced fresh product called 4legs. It is made of human grade chicken, rice & vegetables with no preservatives in bit size pieces. This very palatable and is wonderful for dogs who are accustomed to fresh food, older dogs and smaller dogs. Depending on what your dog likes to eat, dry food can be offered at our boarding kennels.

The dry food that we serve at our dog boarding kennels is very high quality – Royal Canin. This brand of dry food comes in Mini – for our smallest dogs, Medium for medium dogs, Maxi for our larger dog like Labradors, German Short Haired Pointers etc. and a puppy variety that is offered to all dogs under the age of 12 months.

The frequency of meals at our dog boarding kennels are served according to the type of dog. Our main is given in the afternoon. We offer a light breakfast to all dogs, with the exception of puppies and any other dogs who need a full breakfast or have a medical requirement.

All treats given to dogs who come to our dog boarding kennels are preservative free and are naturally dried. We find these a nutritious and valuable part of the dogs’ health and wellbeing, where we pride ourselves in offering the best for your dog at our boarding kennels.