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When pets come to us for care, it is important for us to know as much about your pet as you can tell us. This helps us with the settling in process and ultimately assists your pet in having an enjoyable holiday.

Kybrooke Pet Resort have included here some stories to help you understand the care and understanding that we take with each individual pet the reason we can write this for you to read is because we take the time to get to know each individual pet.


Tyrone is a large Rhodesian Ridgeback who, quite typically of Rhodesian Ridgebacks, really loves his male owner and did not need or want to bond to another human. When Mark arrived to collect Tyrone from his house, he was very stand offish and his owner had to put Tyrone into the crate to travel.

On arrival @ Kybrooke, Tyrone kept to himself except when someone went past his accommodation area when he would bark very defensively. Tyrone was worried about the change in environment, new humans and being away from home. We help to make Tyrone comfortable by having one person take care of him in this case it was Mark. So Mark fed him, let him into the exercise areas, talked to him, took him on his nature walks and gave him his treats.

Tyrone relaxed and didn’t bark defensively but eagerly waited in his accommodation area to see who was coming his way. He had had positive experiences and felt very safe. By the time Tyrone was ready to go home he would only go to bed after he had sat on Marks lap (a bit of a struggle considering how big he is) and have a rub & a cuddle. Needless to say that Tyrone’s owner was very happy.

We have now had Tyrone for his 2nd stay more that 12 months after this initial stay and we are very happy that Tyrone has remembered Mark as well as being at Kybrooke and he has settled well & is very relaxed and happy.

We love happy endings!

Bindi & Bilko

Bindi & Bilko are 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers who just love each other & the company of humans. They are not that keen on other dogs and would really prefer to keep to themselves and enjoy each others company. This is fine.

They are family members and we are happy for family members to be together in their accommodation area and also out in the exercise area. They also enjoyed daily playtimes together.

Bindi & Bilko are accommodated in a nice quiet area with an empty run beside them. Bindi & Bilko then felt no pressure or stress from other dogs and settled well & have an enjoyable holiday.


Sometimes we have dogs come to visit who, through no fault of their own, have had a rough life. This was the case with Bob. He had been a rescue dog & obviously been mistreated. Bob had been in pet accommodation before he came to us & had not been out his run area for the entire stay due to the risk of the handler being bitten. Bob’s owners discussed with us extensively the part of his history that they knew, his behaviour at home, his experience at the other kennels & his recent behaviour at the vets.

Bob then came to us for us to check him out before we would take him. He was obviously uncomfortable and would not walk into our office & would not let us get near him. We explained to his owners how we would set up our gates to make sure that Bob went out into the exercise area without us having to put Bob under pressure by being handled. We did not feel at risk by having Bob here, so he came to us for a 2 week holiday.

For the first few days Bob was not comfortable, he barked and would walk past us warily. Going out into the exercise area allowed him to relax and having a good firm routine allowed him to realise that nothing unpredictable was going to happen that he had to deal with. After the first week Bob was having Playtimes in the exercise area & interacting with us well.

At the end of the two weeks, he was very relaxed & happy. His owners could not believe the difference between when they had collected him from the last kennels to the happy and relaxed dog they collected from us.

Playtimes really help us to get to know the dogs & they relax and feel happy.


Johnny is a black Lab who dearly loves his family. He also loves the company of other dogs. When Johnny first came to us he barked a lot. By talking to Johnny’s owners, we know that he is very social and really needed company.

We matched Johnny up with a companion and they spent their holiday enjoying the friendship of another dog. Johnny is also a very active boy who loves running and playing.

Playtimes were ideal for him to expend that energy that he normally would have run off in his daily visit to the local off-leash park.

Now we know Johnny very well & we have noted down on file what is best for him for his next visit.


Mattie is a golden Labrador female who first came to us when she was 6 months old. She is just delightful and we have seen Mattie grow up to become a lovely gentle and well socialised girl.

Mattie has had many stays with us, some long & some short, but she always comes to us with wiggly enthusiasm, excitement & a very waggy tail. Mattie is very special to us & as I write this she is here for her last stay before her & her family go to live in America.

We will miss you our darling Mattie!!! Thanks to Maryanne & Alan & our best wishes go with you.

Sam & Kate

Sam & Kate are elderly Labs who are quite fit. They are family members and would always be housed together. Whilst they can get around and eat very well (they are Labs & we would be very concerned if a Lab refuses food), to get up on a bed was difficult.

We provide Sam & Kate with a very low bed and because Sam has arthritis and needs to keep moving, they have had regular access to the grass exercise area & enjoyed Nature Walks albeit a bit slower than normal, but a walk does wonders for all dogs.

We have used some examples of how the extra time with the pets really help them to feel at home. Before your pet comes into pet accommodation consider what you do with your pet on a daily basis.

  • Do they go to the Park for a run & sniff?
  • Do you take them on a walk?
  • Do you throw the ball or play tug-of-war?
  • Do they get a daily bone?

Our Playtimes, Nature Walks, Treats & Kong Treats are all included in the services we offer because it is what you do at home with your pet.


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